Jay James

Hailing from Ghana, Jay James is a multi-instrumentalist artist, producer and composercurrently residing in Los Angeles, California. After extensively studying music and recording technology, he was recognized by the online music publication, EARMILK, as a producer with “influences spanning an impressive range of genres.” Utilizing his cerebral nature, he composes, produces, arranges, and serves as the mixing engineer for all of his work. In 2019, he collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer, Jeff Gitty, and Payton Long, which led to his producorial work being featured on HBO series, INSECURE, a song titled “Right on Time'' by B.K. Habermehl featuring LONR. Then in 2020, he released his debut album, “When All is Said and Done” a sonic and ethereal journey with a blend of live instruments and electronics. While he’s currently working on his new music rollout, Jay co-produced “Sorry to Say” by singer-songwriter Tempest, alongside producers Louie Lastic and Los Hendrix which was released at the top of 2021.